Matt & Casey Barrel Pick

Under the Eclipse: A Bourbon Born of Resilience

What makes this bottle of bourbon truly special is the journey it undertook to reach you tonight. On the day of April 8th, 2024 Casey, Matt & Scott embarked on a journey unlike any other. With determination in their hearts and a thirst for adventure, they set out to the famed Taconic Distillery to select a barrel of bourbon destined for the hallowed back bar of The Antlers Restaurant.

Their journey began on a day shrouded in mystery, as the moon cast its shadow upon the world, heralding the arrival of the total lunar eclipse. Undeterred by the celestial spectacle, the trio pressed on, their headlights piercing the darkness as they wound their way through the winding mountain roads.

But nature had other plans in store as the earth beneath them suddenly trembled and shook with unexpected fury. An earthquake, unforeseen and unforgiving, threatened to derail their mission. Yet, in the face of adversity, Casey, Matt & Scott remained steadfast, their determination unshaken by the tumultuous forces of nature.

Finally, after hours of arduous travel and countless trials endured, they arrived at the famed Taconic Distillery, their spirits unbroken and their resolve unwavering. Amidst the echoing aftershocks of the ethereal glow of the eclipsed sun, they stood before a row of aging barrels, each one containing the promise of something extraordinary.

It was then, in that fleeting moment suspended between earth and sky, that Casey, Matt and Scott found their perfect match - a barrel of bourbon that spoke to their souls and resonated with the essence of their journey. With reverence and gratitude, they selected it, knowing that it was destined to become a  symbol of resilience and triumph in the face of adversity.

And so, with the eclipse waning and the earth once more at peace, Casey, Matt and Scott embarked on the journey home, their hearts full and their spirits lifted by the knowledge that they had overcome the odds to bring forth something truly remarkable-a bourbon born of resilience, forged in the fires of passion, and destined to be savored by all who crossed its path.